The main goal of this club is to unite like minded breeders with same goals.12987145_1154407617951265_3680661708108238236_n

Our main goals are:
Working together as a big world wide team with main purpose the protection of Siberian genetic pool by increasing the production of cats with a clean genealogy and insertion of new good foundation cats to broaden the genetic pool and renew Siberian blood slowly and in a responsible manner.
Sharing information and cooperation:  sharing useful reliable information (any subject) and also sharing lines with kitten exchange among members who think alike.
We have also collected DNA raw data from older key cats, we have several data files with MY cat DNA tests results including blood group, diversity compared to Pawpeds COI data and a listing of older CP carriers.  We work in a coordinated way in order to buy cats from every existing quality Siberian bloodline in order to obtain the highest diversity matches with kitten exchange, cats exchange among group members.

Recruiting new breeders who love and understand and see Siberians as a natural breed and provide their education.
We will promote the growth and development of the breed in all countries, creating working groups in each of them, with one or more people in charge of recruiting new breeders and the education, assistance and “mentoring” of these new Siberians breeders to be.
Promoting the idea and this website in order to reach the maximum number of potential breeders who would have access to its contents.
Each member can have the club logo on their sites and on FB to make identification easier.

Each new member will be to start added to the Clean Genealogy Academy on Facebook to to start their education.