logo_siberian_int_breeders_club-1Interested in joining us?

If you are from  Asia, Spain, Portugal, Poland send a mail to Onofre@siestadream.com
The rest of the countries including Russia and Americas (north, central, south), send a mail to Daniela@barros.tv

If you have the time you can send us your thoughts and details by answering these questions in your mail.


Please tell us if you are a Siberian breeder to be, new breeder or older breeder.

Can you tell us a bit about your cats and about your breeding plans and goals?

Did you read the “philosophy” page?

What contribution do you think you could give to Siberian genetic pool?

The ISCB Club Group rules are:

1. The Club breeder members can never place a Siberian kitten with a NEM breeder or NEM mixer. Never one SIB kitten is to be at at cattery where they produce colourpoints.
2. The Club Breeder members must have only SIB in their pedigree for at least 5 generations.

The most important rule of this group is to NEVER sell to a nem mixer or to a potential future mixer. Investigate your kitten requests, ask for references, check offspring of the cattery to see if it produces nem (on pawpeds), be careful.  We don’t accept those who sell to mixers saying “but I have a contract, they can’t mix with my cat”. You know what we think of THOSE.
Make sure the person you are selling a kitten to is a breeder who think like you and is RELIABLE. If they are uncertain, you can teach them and guide their way but make sure they have conviction!