DSC_1351копияVasilisa is one of the best foundation cats ever in my opinion. She had deep green eyes, excellent coat texture, strong muscular body and she was  a very healthy cat who produced great kittens until 9 years old. She had typical Siberian temperament and was very affectionate and sweet.
Unfortunately most of her offspring has been mixed with nem but a few lines were spared and one daughter brought to France with the intent of (re) creating clean lines from Vasilisa.

She was found by Natalya Komyak from Manchzhury cattery Voronehz  while Natalya lived in Vladivostok.
Natalya told me she had seen mice living on a plumbing box on her flat and she had also noticed that same week a beautiful 6/7 months old kitten, on her way back home from work, sitting around on the streets near her house. Fed up with the annoying, undesirable “visitors”, she told her husband to go and take that beautiful kitten because she did not want mice around.  This is how Vasilisa entered Natalya’s life to make the hapyness of her family (and ours).

Vasilisa died at 14 years old november 2016 from mammary cancer.

centr-1She was group A blood
she did not carry cp gene

Here are her show results and some photos.DSC_1354копия

  Grand Inter Champion Assolux  
 16.04.2006 International cat show LUKS IFA VoronezhCACIB
Best SLH, BOB 2
L. Kameneva, G.Barisheva

 30.04.2006 International cat show Voronezh WCF CAGCIB
Best SLH, BOB 3
L. Shanaeva, N. Lebedeva
” Show condition. Good luck!”

 16.09.2006     World Cat Show Moscow WCFCAGCIBT. Dyachuk
“Beautiful, good prepared female!”
 17.09.2006World Cat Show Moscow WCFCAGCIB
I. Nazarova
“Good prepared female!”

 08.09.2007 International cat show LUKS IFA VoronezhCAGCIB
Best SLH, BOB 3
E. Zhirovova, L. Kameneva

  European Champion IFA  
 01.06.2008 International cat show LUKS IFA VoronezhCACIB
Best SLH, BOB 5
L. Kameneva, L. Potokina
“Ohh, stern…”

 13.09.2008 Second Open Championsheep IFA VolgogradCACIB
O. Strebulyaeva,
L. Kameneva,
“Clever and beauty!”
E. Zhirovova,
“Very strick female!”
 27.09.2008Third Open Championsheep IFA
O. Sinitsa, V. Ruzin.,
E. Shevchenko
 23.11.2008 International cat show WCF Voronezh CACE I. Mikhailov
“Perspective girl. Best regards!”
 07.02.2009 International cat show LUKS IFA Voronezh CACE
mono 3rd place
 M. Kuznetsova, L. Potokina
T. Emelianova
“Beautiful breeding type!”
 14.02.2009. International cat show WCF VoronezhCACE N. Lebedeva
 15.02.2009 International cat show WCF VoronezhCACE I. Sadovnikova
“Real natural savage!”
 23.05.2009 International cat show IFA MoscowCACE
show SLH 7rd place
 I. Guseva, T. Fomina,
A. Nazarova
“Beautiful tender female!”
 04.10.2009 г. International cat show IFA Krasnodar CACE
E. Shevchenca
“Beautiful female!”
O. Ermakova “Beauty!”
 19.10.2009 г. Fourth Open Championsheep IFA
Champion SIB IFA
L. Kameneva., T. Fomina
G. Barysheva
“Good show temperament!”