Valentina Nemyria and her husband, Viktor, named their cattery using part of their names, “Valen + Vic,” which is a charming idea—as charming as their cats.
Valenvic was one of the most important names among all the Catteries that helped build the breed from the beginning.
Valenvic lines started with this beautiful smoke cat, Arkiza Milashmi, born in 1991, the mother of

Arkiza Milashmi

Europa Valenvik
Arisha Valenvik
Daria Valenvik
Ermak Valenvik
Princess Valenvic
Pharaoh Valenvik

The oldest being Arisha Valenvic born in 1993.

Arisha Valenvic

Arisha’s dad is the famous and handsome Amur Abakan, born in 1991 (I will talk about all the Abakan cats on another page since the owner of Abakan cattery is N. Rymarchuk, who greatly contributed to the development of the breed, and their first litter was born on 28.11.1990). Abakan was a Fife-registered cattery in Moscow as well as Valenvic.
Amur is also the grandfather of other famous cats, like Marius and Lizavetta Sarji, the first cat bought by Maria Pavlozsky, Cica Cattery.

It is interesting to observe the strong presence of silver and blue at the beginning of the Valenvic lines and the first cats.

Amur Abakan

Valenvic did a great job of selection and efforts to avoid heavy inbreeding. Unfortunately, considering how difficult it was to find the right partners and the size of the country(making trips difficult), heavily inbred cats were not uncommon at the time.
For this reason, Vallenvic became a pillar of Siberian breeding, with selection focused on type as well as diversity. Many cats were sent to shine in all parts of the globe.
Their first cat Arkiza Milashmi was a “Wch” and many other Valenvic cats.

Maria Valenvic

W.Ch. Arisha Valenvic
W.Ch. Gasimur Valenvic
W.Ch. Galatea Valenvic
W.Ch. Europa Valenvic
W. Ch. Maria Valenvic
W.Ch. Vesta Valenvic
W.Ch. Yantar Valenvic
W.Ch. Dragun Valenvic

Europa Valenvic

As you may have guessed, Valenvic is behind many other great catteries, among the finest in Russia and just as famous like Sibaris (Wch Vesta Valenvic), Taurus and many others.

It is also interesting to look into their work on Golden cats since those cats carried the golden gene present on lines like Abakan and Litvik (Indiana Abakan was golden) with the match between Maria Valenvic and Kusma Litvik, the parents of Yantar and Vesta Valenvic.

Arisha Vemas and Yantar Valenvic litter of golden kitties

If I have a good memory, their last litter was in 2013/2014. I remember because I actually missed the opportunity to purchase one kitten from this last litter.
I do have the pleasure of owning a girl sired by Maxim Valenvic, and she is indeed amazing.
Valentina has a book in Russian about Siberian cats; it is my dream to find one copy to purchase, but so far, no luck, but I will keep looking.

This page is not “finished” since I constantly receive information and more photos, so you can come back later for more on Valenvic lines and other catteries since I intend to leave as much information as possible recorded for the future.

I leave you with more photos of these amazing Valenvic cats and kittens.

Daniela Barros.

Earl Martin Valenvic
Valenvic Kittens
Maxim Valenvic
Silver Valenvic kittens