Ussuri’s, owner Vladimir Duvakin, from Moscow, was the owner of the female “Usia Ussuri”, as 23, born on 01/01/1987, and he mated her with foundation cat Kardinal and kept the son “Ars Ussuri”, as 23, born on 28/01/1989.
He registered his cats at the Fauna KLK, Moscow.
The cattery was located in Moscow, but he brought Usia from one of his trips to Russia’s far east with unknown parents. He purchased the cat near Ussuriysk, a city in Primorsky Krai, Russia, in the valley of the Razdolnaya River. The city is 98 kilometres north of Vladivostok, the administrative centre of the krai, and about 60 kilometres from the China–Russia border and the Pacific Ocean.
This is why the cattery’s name was inspired by the city where Usia was born.

Usia Ussuri

I looked for photos of the foundation cat “Kardinal” and also pictures of Ars (Usia’s son kept for breeding by Vladimir), but unfortunately, I could not find any photos. According to my consultants, Ars was a fairly large as 23 stud.

I know that Kardinal was a cat from the Moscow area used for this match only, and I tried to contact Vladimir for more details. Still, some of these breeders were already middle-aged in the 80s, and sometimes, locating them is impossible. Even Russian breeders tend to forget the names of former Siberian breeders. Getting data becomes difficult and nearly impossible (hence this website).
Ussuri was also a Fife-registered cattery.

Ars Ussuri is an ancestor of the Abakan cats, which means he appears in a lot of our traditions genealogy.

Daniela Barros.