Sarji cattery owner Doroshenko Elena Semenovna is the breeder of cat Anais Sarji, born 28/04/1992, and her son Marius Sarji, born 13/01/1996, which we find in many of our traditional genealogies.
Elena was also the owner of the cat Ayris Dymi, born on 06/10/1988, who was the offspring of two foundation cats, Dimka (female a) and Misha (male ns 09). Both cats were purchased in markets on the outskirts of the Moscow area.

It was common to buy kittens in street markets at the time.

Elena was also the co-owner of the foundation cat “Marquise”, and she used outside studs because she was unable to keep studs easily in her home. She used the foundation Vasily, and she used a male offspring from the match, “Vasily and her cat Ayris Dymi”, as a stud as well.
He was a good cat in type, a 22 , born 18/11/89, called Zhalsan Aivar.
Finally, Zhalsan was mated to “Marquise”, giving birth to the litter Anais Sarji was born.
Anais was a particularly interesting blue mackerel female.

Here are some photos of other Sarji cats in our genealogies.

Lizetta Sarji was the first cat purchased in Russia by Maria Pavlovsky for her cattery Cica in the USA.

Anais Sarji
Viola Sarji
Lizetta Sarji