The story of Nyusia’s life was told to me by Irina Parshina from Sladkoe Pyatnyshko cattery in Tomsk.

Nyusya was a farm cat result from a cross between a colourpoint house cat that was allowed to wander freely and mated several cats in the area. The owners of Nyusya kept the cat because of it’s look so different from all the other cats they were used to see, it was a colourpoint hairy little thing which means Nyusia was probably inbred. All the other brown siblings were killed.
The registered owner is “Paul A.V.” who was not a breeder but happy to own such rare cat.
Nyusya was born 01/09/1993  and she was blue point.
She was only mated once to a foundation brown cat from the same area called Kudziyama that belonged to Kul’kova S. and both cats were registered on the club  Olimpia K at Tomsk.
The only registered offspring is Grand Albert a brown tabby spotted cat born 27/11/1997.
Nyusia is one of the VERY rare circumstantial nem, she was born from an accidental encounter of a Siberian and a colourpoint house cat.

I wrote to the club in Tomsk asking for a photo.