Here is Murzick, a beautiful green eyed stud found by Darina Tkacheva from Snowstorm cattery in Magadan Russia:

Murzick was found in the forest park next to her house on March 8, 2013 in the area of Magadan (Far East Russia). “I walked there with a dog. The vet said that he was then about 8 months old. Murzick was living alone in the park and there were no other cats around. For me, this is still a mystery, where Murzik came from. The body of medium size is strong, muscular, compact in size on strong legs, eyes are bright green, emerald. Wool is water repellent, with a thick undercoat, not very long.” says Darina. 

Tests: CS – C / C, chocolate / cinnamon – B / B,  gen.test PKD – N / N.

11/14/2015 Magadan Ex.1 Galina Dotsenko, AB WCF
11/15/2015 Magadan Ex.1 Elena Khramova, AB WCF
11/15/2015 Magadan Ex.1 Tatiana Esina, AB WCF

Murzick is like most of our older Siberian foundation: a present from Russian forests and nature.

Murzik and his daughter Byanka who lives in France at Damman Amur cattery.