Kleopatra was a beautiful foundation cat owned by Ludmila Fomina who was not a breeder and lived in the city of Kurgan.

Natalia Kosareva (ICU judge and owner of Sibirskaya Znat cattery) was in Kurgan participating in a cat show and was introduced to Ludmila.
Natalia loving the look of beautiful Kleopatra decided to help Ludmila to register Kleopatra and to create V’yuga cattery who produced only two litters.
Natalia kept Nastena and Nikonor went to Tatiana Mamedova from Adagio cattery.

Nastena was born in 17/11/2009 and Natalia says there was a mistake on Kleopatra registration she was not a torbie, she was brown blotched with white and Natalia contacted the club to make the change but it was never done and she stayed registered as torbie.

Nastena is a lovely and affectionate Siberian and is still alive and well in 2020 at 11 years old.

Nastena Vyuga