Here is the Fife standard of the breed:

SIBERIAN CAT   – STANDARD –  FIFe ( Fédération  Internationale Féline)


GeneralSizemedium to large, females mostly smaller then males
HeadShapea little bit longer than broad, softly rounded, massive   View also drawing
Foreheadbroad, just slightly rounded
Cheekscheekbones well developed
Nosemedium length, broad, in profile shows a slight identation, but without stop
Chinslanting slightly backwards, in profile creating a curve from the upper line of the nose
EarsShapemedium size, well open at the base, tips are rounded with well developed hairs on the inside and tufts
Placementwith good width between, tilting slightly forward
EyesShape/placementlarge, slightly oval shaped. A bit oblique, set widely apart
Colourany colour is permitted, there is no relationship between eye and coat colour, clear eye colour is desirable
BodyStructurewell boned and muscled, powerful neck, broad chest, body in proportion to create a rectangular appearance
Legsmedium high, to form a rectangle with the body, strong
Pawslarge, round, well tufted between toes
Tailof medium length, thick, rounded tip. Covered on all sides by dense hair with no hairs trailing down
CoatStructuresemi-long, well developed, very dense, undercoat not lying flat, overcoat water repellent, slightly hard to touch.
Summer coat is distinctly shorter than the winter coat. The winter coat shows a well developed shirtfront, full frill and knickerbockers
Colourall colours are acceptable except pointed patterns and the varieties chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn. Any amount of white is permitted
RemarksNovice class only accepted for cats born in the former USSR. Any crossing with other breeds prohibited.



 too small or

 too finely built


 long and narrow

 straight profile

 too round head (persian type)


 too large or

 too high set


 round eyes


 too long or

 too thin


 too short tail


 too fine or silky