15328330_1294821583923792_1989507324_nBarsik was a beautiful foundation male found by Svetlana Shestova from Serebryanaya Mechta cattery in Moscow.

The silver beauty was found in a park 100 kms from Moscow during a family day out. Sasha, Svetlana’s son who was then only 5 years old (he is now in 2016, 20 years old) found the beautiful kitty in a bush. Barsik was silver spotted, green eyes and a little beauty. The family took him home.
Barsik received a certificate as Siberian and become foundation cat at Serebryanaya Mechta cattery.
He died at age of 9 years from complications of a infected tooth.

He wasn’t a CP carrier
Blood group unknown

260563_153601511379144_1419442_nHere are the judges who gave his first certificate as Siberian Foundation cat.

 26.11.06 Tatyana Dyachuk
 21.04.07 Igor Mikhaylov
 22.04.07 Galina Koroleva