Alasea Sibaris

Alasea Sibaris is the daughter of Vesta Valenvic and Khariton Angara, litter mate of the famous Aksamit Sibaris bred by Alex Kolesnikov and breeding stud  of ES*Siestadream cattery in Spain for several years.  Both Aksamit and Alasea are alive and healthy in 2019.

Alasea lives happily and healthy with Larisa.
Alasea was given to Kranoyarsk breeder Larisa Tsaplina in exchange of Fenya Rys Ionessi.  It was one of the first kitten swap that united Kranoyarsk and Moscow lines and a brilliant move and common effort between three of the most important Siberian catteries who helped with the development of the lines we have now a days, Amantes, Sibaris and Dostoyanie Sibiri.

Siberian female Fenya Rys Ionessi