Alasea Sibaris
Alasea Sibaris was born in the very first litter from the famous cattery Sibaris created by Alexander Kolesnikov.Breeder Merja Tolonen from Amantes cattery  and Alexander decided to unite efforts and bring cats from different Siberian lines from Kranoyarsk and they exchanged  with Larisa Tapsalina the gorgeous Alasea against two beautiful Kranoyarsk queens, Fenya and Fatasya Rys Ionessi. Fenya belonged to Alex and Fantasya to Merja.  Fantasya unfortunately could not be bred so Charisma Dostoyanie Sibiri was offered to Merja as replacement Queen. Charisma is now 15 years in 2020 and we paid the My cat DNA for Charisma so we have the genetic marker for Busik, her father.